Our Adventures

Life in Bulgaria is surprising, fulfilling, heartwarming and just a tiny bit frustrating at times.

Please read and enjoy our outlook on life in Eastern Europe as we work towards a more simple life….not always as simple as it seems!

The gate is open…come on in…

Early Retirement Plans

This is how the room looked before…

Well now the snow has gone, it is full steam ahead with my plans for a new kitchen. As you may have guessed I have spent quite a lot of time planning layout and requirements in terms of pipes, electrical points, appliance, wall and door positions, but now it is time to get cracking!

First the room needed emptying so we can see what we’re dealing with, so I mentioned to Dan that we’d have to live with the mess for a little while, his response?! “What another 4 years?” Ha ha, how we laughed…

It is now (almost) empty

So the chest freezer is now in the lounge (how this is more strange than it being in the bedroom I’m not sure), the large sofa is in the dining room, the bed and mattress are in the next door’s barn (thank you Neil) and I have yet to find a home for the large wooden chest full of goodies…if all else fails it might have to be squeezed into the “Box Room from Hell” – there must be room for one more thing in there…surely!?

With dogs already installed

Next the ceiling needs to be removed, this is going to be a dusty, dirty, rat poo-infested, bitch of a job. Can you tell I’m looking forward to this…also I’ll be (conveniently for Dan) doing it on my own too as he has a number of van jobs that have been stacking up waiting for the weather to clear.

In fact, except for situations where I need two pairs of hands, I am going to try to complete the whole thing by myself, that way we split our resources and more things get done…

Bed and mattress stored next door.

Just to give you an idea of what I am taking on here, here is an overview; I have to brick up 2 doors, make 3 new ones, take out half a wall, put in an RSJ, remove the ceiling, plumb in a sink, washing machine and re-route the central heating, put up 2 boilers, board and insulate the rafters, move and add sockets and lights, gut the little wet room, render the walls and put up shelves and then…and only then can I start to build my own kitchen.

I will take lots of pictures as I go along, but something tells me I need a timeline plan as I am fitting all this in between teaching, freelancing for a couple of guys in California, gardening and feeding us all…so glad I took early retirement!

The Mother of Invention

They say that, ‘Necessity is…’ and that is where I found myself…and so I had to become a little inventive!

My new (temp) hot water system for the outside sink

It is not original, in fact it is done all over the country and many depend on similar set-ups for hot water supply, however what I am quite pleased with is that in the, now aptly named, Box Room from Hell, we already had most of this set up. All except for the little brass tap in fact, I am not sure why I am surprised by this as there is not a lot that is not in that room somewhere…but finding what you want at any given moment can be somewhat demotivating!


In the balance…

The black tank we have used is part of a Finnish wood-burning sauna system that we brought here…for obvious reasons but haven’t yet had time to put it to use in the way that it was intended…but it is perfect for this temporary hot water solution.

So now you would think that with all this set up and ready, we could demolish the current sink and get on with locating the water source so we can move it…oh no, life here is seldom that simple. Despite being 23C and bright sunshine last week, this week the temperatures have dropped back below zero and we have snow, lots of snow.

The pin from my friend Sam at Hoof & Saddle Bulgaria

There is a tradition in Bulgaria that I have mentioned before where on the 1st March friends and neighbours exchange red and white bracelets and pins, which you must wear until you see your first stork or get your first blossom on your trees. March is always a changeable month but at this rate I’ll still be wearing mine in June!

Left to right – Kia, Cooper, Shelby and Bo

It seems that next week we will be back up to 18-20C so I will make another little video to show you the next steps in my project. Until then I’m sitting next to the log burner, listening to music and cuddling dogs…my guilty pleasure at the minute is Justin Timberlake (please don’t judge me) …

Topic of Choice

How beautiful is this sky – first week in March.

The very British tradition of talking about the weather at every opportunity doesn’t stop when you leave the country, in fact it just amplifies the situation. In the UK we have very little weather to talk about really, unless you count the summer of 1976 when we had sun once, but the moment you move abroad you have a whole host of things to fill those awkward conversational voids.

I love to wax lyrical to my friends stuck back in old blighty about how we have four proper seasons and brag about our 70 degree temperature shift throughout the year, but in fact the weather here actually does dictate everything you do.

Even the festivals are governed by mother nature. Where else in the world do we substitute the commercially recognised Valentines Day with cutting back vines and trying out home-made plonk, or wear red and white bracelets until we see our first blossom or stork and I, for one, have not had a harvest festival since I took a tin of baked beans into primary school.

This basket was a wonderful gift from a friend.

It is almost spring here now and I have potted up some seeds, which I duly put out and bring back in again at night (just in case) and thoughts naturally turn to winter…. No longer is it over, than we start planning for the next one…get wood while it’s cheap, give it time to dry and season, clean the flues ready…It is also time to come out of hibernation, lose your winter comfort blanket and get to work.

For me this year means a new kitchen. For most people this means a quick trip to Ikea, a plate full of meatballs, selecting a fancy new set of cabinets and advertising the old ones on Ebay.

By now you may have gathered I do things a little differently, so I’ll take you through my plans! Four years I have toiled over a hot stove in what is, essentially, a hallway. Four years I have put up with my water freezing when it drops below -15C, just because it enters the house on the north-facing, outside wall. No more!

I am breaking it down into small chunks for you so you can follow along as I solve these issues and create my new space…click here to watch part 1 of Operation Kitchen.

Stage one is to hook up some sort of hot water to the outside sink. So get your thinking caps on and send me your suggestions on how to do this…so I can demolish the sink in the ‘hall’ and relocate that pesky water source.

Comment below!

Country Surprised by Seasonal Weather

The view to our field…

I was intending on being in the UK last week, to visit my Dad, who has amazingly made it home from hospital, but the weather made me think twice and eventually postpone my visit. Not because we had vast quantities of snow here, not because I live three hours from the airport and trains, buses and transport routes could be in chaos…

No I postponed my trip because the thought of getting to Birmingham and not being able to get out again, filled me with dread. Planes, trains and automobiles ran like clockwork here, whilst trains were being cancelled left, right and centre in the UK….before it had even snowed a flake.

Sitting outside and chilling the wine…

While the UK struggled to cope with the ‘Beast from the East’, we here in Bulgaria were going about our lives as normal and have now decided on an alternative name for the 50cms of snow and -21C temps that we experienced over the last few weeks…we have called it ‘winter’.

Yes we may have gone a couple of hours without water one morning as the pipes were frozen, but with a bit of help from a heat-gun and normality was resumed. I am hearing that 30,000 homes in the UK are still without water due to mains pipes freezing and bursting…at -10C … really UK?

I think if you want to ‘make Britain great again’ you may need to start picking your own fruit and veg and put the Eastern Europeans in charge of your utilities and transport strategies.


Rainwater catchment….?

We are now in full melt mode here, which means the river is super high and my winter wonderland has now resorted to a post winter apocalypse….if anyone dared to visit they would clearly see I am a mud farmer, I farm mud, not just outside, but inside too, it gets everywhere, but as usual I have turned this into a positive (because that is just how I roll).

Basically vast quantities of melting snow creates vast quantities of water and vast quantities of water creates vast quantities of mud…so take the water away and…oooh you get less mud. So I am now busy investigating ‘rainwater catchment systems’ and ‘hydropower’ to see how I can use the water and the weather to my advantage.

Watch this space…

Chinese New Year, A Fire Horse and a Cabbage

As many of you know I teach English online to professional adults around the globe and thus get inside knowledge on many of their varied customs. A better known one is obviously Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year so…

In my attempt to build rapport with my students I talk about what they do to celebrate etc. expecting parades of people wearing enormous dragon costumes, eating large bowls of noodles and setting off lots of fire-crackers late into the night.

Pic from Lavender Inspiration – check out her blog!

What did I get? Well I got tales of women cleaning their houses, not just wiping over surfaces with a damp cloth and spraying Febreze at the curtains…oh no…when they say ‘cleaning’ they mean ‘decluttering’! So as you know I am not one to rush to get out the duster and the furniture polish and I continue to claim not to understand how the hoover works (that’s a blue job – ask Dan), but…organizing, decluttering and generally taking back control, well that’s me to a ‘T’.

What few of you will know is that I was born in the year of the Fire Horse, a particularly bad year for female new borns. We are known for being contradictions of ourselves, fiercely independent, yet need to belong, we may make ultimate sacrifices or just as likely to destroy. We are therefore difficult to predict, but will risk it all for love and adventure…sounds exactly like me.

So wanting to join in and have tales to tell when I next speak to these students I ventured into the ‘box’ room. For most people a box-room is the small room at the top of the stairs that your son’s room-mate from college gets to sleep in when he brings him home to meet his super-cool parents. Not in this house! Here the ‘box’ room is a euphemism, or maybe it is actually more literal than the generally accepted definition.

The new garage…

So those of you that have been paying attention will remember that we took down our old stone barn (mainly because if we hadn’t it would have done it by itself…and probably taken part of the house and nextdoor’s fence with  it) and we rebuilt a fabulous new wooden frame in its place…which will eventually be Dan’s garage.

Why is this relevant? Well this barn held lots and lots of ‘stuff’ – pretty much everything we had brought from the UK but hadn’t got around to using yet. Taking down this structure meant that we needed somewhere to put said ‘stuff’. Some  of it is stored under tarpaulin in the yard, some in the outside toilet, some in the greenhouse and some in the end room…now aptly renamed the ‘box’ room.

This has been driving me slowly and consistently mad. I yearn to create more storage place around the house so I can empty said boxes and give them a home, but to think that a few days in mid-February was going to be the time to tackle this was slightly naive… have a laugh go watch this short video clip of what I am facing.

So we tackled the walk-in wardrobe instead (another euphemism for a big pile of mess in a cupboard) and we were quite brutal. Lots of old clothes got put in bags, clothes we are keeping got tidied and rearranged neatly on their respective shelves and it was quite a nice feeling of accomplishment.


I’m not sure where I get this from, I never had a particularly poor and rationed childhood, we weren’t rich but we didn’t want for much. So why am I so conditioned not to ever throw anything away. I’m not a hoarder as such, if it is broken, it goes in the bin, but if I think I might, maybe, someday be able to make something out of it…well…well that just results in three bags of old clothes being stacked next to my sewing machine! Just in case…

The good news about all this is, in good old Chinese New Year tradition I now get to buy myself something new. So a trip to town it is…every cloud…

Cabbage in a chair from Ian in Taiwan.

Happy with my tale of ‘cleaning’ for my students I hop on over to my email to wish them all a Happy New Year and am greeted by reciprocal messages with attached images…of tidy homes, piles of old clothes donated to charity, homes re-organised in Feng Shui style? Oh no…I get sent a picture of a cabbage in a chair! Classic! Underestimate your Taiwanese students at your peril…thank you Ian.

Word of the Week…

Ever thought of getting out of the rat-race and taking the plunge into a simpler life like we have? Can’t say I blame you and it’s easy, honestly you just have to make the choice and then plan!

He was left behind when my neighbour died, he moved in with us…

However if you are coming to Bulgaria there are another few adjectives that you may want to consider, like ‘patient’, ‘inventive’, ‘willing’ and ‘adaptable’.

It is the last word that comes into play frequently if you are thinking of taking early retirement, I mean Bulgaria is cheap but it is not free, so you have to be able to support yourself and your animals. You don’t have animals? You will have when you live here, even if you don’t want them, they just move in…(Picture – Exhibit A).


You will be living a self sufficient lifestyle so you don’t need to buy food…really?! Let me say we all have this intention, if not self sufficiency then at least a little more self reliance, but it takes time, even if you know exactly what you are doing and have years of experience, you will still need to adapt to Bulgaria.

Destroyed by a hailstorm in July 17

Undoubtedly the ground will need some TLC, the different bugs and diseases that will eat your produce or kill the roots will need understanding and the weather, don’t forget the weather… we have around a 60-70 degree shift in temperatures here from -28C in the winter to 40C in the summer and one hailstorm here can wipe out your whole crop or take out a lean-to roof…(Picture – Exhibit B)

A friend’s pig – Betty

But as long as you are adaptable, willing to try new things and learn how to preserve what you grow you will, no doubt, be able to support yourself, especially if you get yourself a few chucks or a pig or two.  You may have to think about fodder for your animals though, so consider the space and storage options for that too…or go vegan of course.

You may also be able to barter in the village for fresh honey (if you are a sugar taker), or oils and even alcohol, but with the animals come vet fees, inoculations, emergency treatment, worming, fleaing… Shelby (our husky cross) proved that last night as in my eagerness to get a head start on spring weeds, I scattered a heavy layer of salt around the edges of my raised beds and never gave it another thought.

Shelby recovering today 14-2-18

In what can only be described as ‘husky-wisdom’ he had followed me around clearing up the salt…not the best idea he has had and he has had some crackers I can tell you. One of which resulted in me spending a week poking my steroid creamed finger up his bum on a daily basis when he ate a pair of blue crocs as a pup (not sure why the colour was important…but it made it easy to identify when it came out the other end). I digress – we spent yesterday evening in the vets, sitting on a blood-stained, cold, tiled floor with Shelby on a drip. Fabulous out of hours treatment for less than a tenner – bargain…it costs me more than that to worm them!

Do you see where I’m going with this. This life is amazing, fulfilling, satisfying but also challenging, educational and sometimes good value for money and at others, unexpectedly expensive.

My lovely spicy marrow chutney…nearly all gone

The more eagle-eyed of my readers will have noticed a new page at the top of the site called ‘Profile’, it will not be of much interest in terms of its detail, but the ‘why’ may just explain why I’m focusing on ‘adaptable’ as the word of the week.

You see despite my very best intentions and efforts to do all of the above, I still need to earn money to pay the bills (I haven’t got around to installing solar yet), to pay the taxes (they don’t like to barter for a jar of chutney), to fuel my car and generally supplement the food I don’t, or have failed, to produce.

Fluctuations in exchange rates when you earn dollars or sterling severely affect your income, so I began working on building my editing and writing income to supplement the teaching I do. I have done a lot of writing and editing in the past, quite successfully, but I was amazed when I was offered the opportunity to edit a novel.

Grab a copy – it is seriously worth a read.

Check out Zatvor (which means Prison in Bulgarian) on Amazon – this is my affiliate link, but I actually edited this novel and know it inside and out and absolutely love it, it will change how you think about life on so many levels. I’m incredibly proud of the work I did on this book but also a little envious of the writer’s ability to tell a story…

Working on Zatvor changed how I viewed my work here too as it made me realise this is what I love to do, so much so it really didn’t feel like work at all. So in adapting to change I have found my vocation and have been offered two great new gigs that I’m so excited about, but I can’t talk about just yet. All I can say is I am getting back into motorsport and can’t wait to get started!

Today is Valentines Day or in Bulgaria better known as the Day of the Vines when the village get together and open up (and taste) the wine they made over the summer months, a great excuse for a party. Unfortunately we were unable to go, due to a certain husky, so the party came to us…food and cake kindly put to one side for us – this is why Bulgaria!

Happy Wine Day everyone….

Out with the old…

Well here we go again, a new year has started and I must say I am relieved. I mean we all cast out the old and ring in the new when we get to Jan 1st but I have never been more glad to see a new year in, in fact I’m usually in bed by 10 and barely flinch when the fireworks start.  This year I was up barking with the dogs and marveling at the coloured flashes as they exploded across the sky.  Well how can this year be any worse than last.

Seriously I’m not just talking personal stuff here, I’m still happily plodding along in my new life, largely oblivious to things going on around me, however some things are difficult to miss. 2017 provided a gigantic fruit salad of poo around the globe didn’t it.

Lets take a quick look!

The ‘majority’ of us (by that I mean the uneducated, mildly racist, easily-lead part of Britain) apparently voted to leave the European Union, the ramifications of which we (the educated, culturally-aware, well-informed part of Britain) are yet to fully understand.

Not to be outdone in the game of ‘our fuck-ups have to be bigger than yours’ the US then decided to inaugurate a Disney villain as President. Thank you America it helped to divert attention from the UK for a moment or two.

MacaroonsDespite these two disastrous decisions by the voting public (we really shouldn’t be allowed to make decisions without supervision), there is something even more worrying and that is the apparent ability for the French to take control of their own destiny. How scary is it that the one country we could rely on to make good quality, internationally recognised white material on a stick…are now the most respected European country left in the mix. (I promise a searched for a picture of Macron but….)

And to cap it all I don’t dare even comment on how handsome the new, dashing, young French President is in fear of being accused of sexual harassment. Is it just me that is a little tired of it all, I mean, I was OK until some one in their wisdom decided to ban grid girls. I know I said we should be allowed to make decisions without supervision but…really? Remind me, how much money have Saudi invested in F1 to make this happen? I digress…

Ok so enough about the world around us and more about my personal 2017. It doesn’t make any better reading as we decided it was going to be our year off….do not let me do that again! I wanted to see if I liked living here as well as working here and the answer is …meh…

Don’t get me wrong, I love it, but when the house isn’t finished all my brain can do is stack up jobs, create lists then stress because nothing is getting done.

I tried, I went out with friends (and embarrassed myself), I even went to the pool (and felt uncomfortable), I tried to put my efforts into a new business online (and wasted my precious time) and experimented with hydroponics …everything I tried just failed miserably, because it wasn’t what I came here to do…and I’m easily bored.

The only thing that worked really well were my raised beds, remember the things we built that looked like some sort of satanic alter, well they produced a great crop of everything this year…apart from peppers. I was gifted some pepper plants from a friend and they grew fabulously, they were green, healthy, tall and full of flowers, but not one, not one single pepper.

The peppers were the tip of the lettuce though as they were all eaten by some beastie too and I hope he is fumbling around somewhere feeling overweight and frumpy like I am, because he ate all my salad!

Then we come to the cars – we lost Betsie our trusty van and Dan’s source of income whilst out on a run, luckily not too far from home, and then I hit a wild boar on our way out to dinner in the Seat. Luckily we have a selection of cars to choose from, but of course none are legal, few are working and many are unfixable having been dismantled to fix others…so that is when Bertie the new van and Stan the new boar-beater joined the crew…good job we are building a big new garage to get these things fixed in hey.

Oh wait a minute, work has stopped, we have no room, the floor still needs digging out and levelling, then it needs concreting and we have gates to make and perimeter walls to build…stress, stress, winge, whine and so…

In amongst all this my Dad (whose 82) decides he might be superman after all and his failure was luckily discovered pretty quickly by his neighbours and he was whisked to hospital. Two broken vertebrae, a broken neck and another cracked vertebra in his neck, and a phone call to me to confirm a DNR (do not resuscitate) and a request to get back to the UK pronto.

Amazingly I am going back to the UK again in a couple of weeks and he will be home (with help, but home) so this is how I know that 2018 is going to be a good one, it doesn’t have to go far to improve on the last year but to save my relationship and to get my sanity (and body) back we are back to digging, building, creating and laughing for the foreseeable future.

East Meets West

Coming from the UK we are naturally, or maybe trained to be, nostalgic about all things….from places we visited as a child, to meals our mother used to make, but for those of us that drive I would like to bet that the majority of us feel some affection for our first car.

This is not something that our friends here in Bulgaria are big on and I’m not sure if this is sad or not. Having lived here for a number of years we see the old villages starting to empty as the older generation pass away and the younger generation make the move to the bright lights of the city for university, friends and careers.

This is sad because there are many houses left uncared for, but also great for us foreigners looking to change our way of life as there are still many bargains to be had.

It was one such Brit (Neil Penn), driven by a desire to remove himself from the rat-race and somewhat genetically programmed to be nostalgic, that had the unique idea of establishing a way that western travellers could explore eastern Europe in the most unforgettable manner.

It was this one man’s vision that was the catalyst for the creation of Classic Car Holidays, who offer the opportunity to see the Balkans… all from behind the wheel of a Trabant. Really this is a thing! Check it out here www.classiccarholidays.co.uk

So when my friend that works in PR and Marketing in Motorsport came to visit, it was an event not to be missed. We booked a ‘Try a Trabie’ with Neil and abandoned our modern hire car in favour of something very different.

Travelling at a slower pace, but with a certain amount of zip, Neil was great at demonstrating the foibles of the old East German built machine. With column gear changes and offset pedals it was an experience that not many have had and we will certainly not forget.

The Bulgarian countryside is something to be treasured and too many of us (myself included) miss things as we whizz by so busy with our lives. To really benefit from this experience you have to change your perception of what travel is about.

Touring the Balkans is just as much about the journey as the destination and with two clients that have a racing past it was definitely a challenge not to accelerate out of the corners and down the straights, moving up the gears in quick succession, but to relax, put your arm on the window, look at your surroundings and let the engine take you to your next pit stop.

Our little car was ‘Colonel Mustard’, one of eight cars run by CCH and in true nostalgic style, Neil told stories about how these cars were owned by doctors and the like to service the community and as we pootled around the lanes we learnt a whole new respect for this little car and a whole new way to time travel.

If anyone out there has visiting Bulgaria, Romania or Macedonia on their bucket list then you really should come and try this, and if you have never thought of visiting then think again…even if it is just to drive this iconic piece of history and be surprised at what else these countries have to offer.

You will not be disappointed.

Cold Turkey

anti-facebookNo this is not the story of what we did with all that turkey post Christmas, or about me stopping class A drugs, but rather about my radical decision to spend an entire week without going on Facebook. If anyone had asked me, prior to this experiment, what that would be like, I’d have shrugged my shoulders and said ‘no issues, I don’t spend that much time on there anyway’.

Well that is not quite true! By not going on Facebook this week I have noticed a couple of things:
1. Just how much time I actually spent on there and
2. Just how hard it would be not to…

I documented each day to understand how this affected me and so I would realise just how much of an addiction this had become, this is the story of my week living outside of social media.

Day 1

DSCF5821My old routine of logging into the ‘world’ first thing in a morning became blatantly obvious as I switched between pacing the floor and staring blankly at the Google search bar wondering what else this amazing internet could offer to pass my time. I was inexplicably attracted to the weather forecast although I could plainly see that it was snowing even though according to Accuweather it wasn’t. For some reason I get an insane pleasure from trying to catch it out, although if I’m honest it is rarely right so it is not really much of a challenge.

Time for another coffee….Dan surfaces and begins the day by informing me what is going on on Facebook which kind of defeats the object, so I have to ask him to stop and I go to water my plants, something I haven’t done in weeks and it shows…woops.

DSCF5730Then I remembered why I was doing this in the first place…to get this wasted time back. So I turned to my list, and began emptying my kitchen cupboards, which meant I felt obliged then to clean inside them (another thing I discovered I had not done for sometime…if DSCF5810ever), and removed them from the wall in order install my new splash-back. For those of you in Facebook world this was ‘Tick 6’ and I think it looks pretty funky and such a cheap method of tidying up the area.

As luck would have it this job didn’t take as long as I thought so I was soon back to twiddling my thumbs in front of the laptop. What on earth did I do before Facebook? I took the opportunity to clean up my formulas in my teaching tracker, something I’d been meaning to do for 6 months at least. I emailed a few friends to touch base as I felt unusually disconnected.

It felt strange today, I had to physically stop myself from just checking in … but I didn’t and I didn’t cease to exist because of it….although part of me feels like I did, maybe because I know that others are swapping stories and pictures of their day whilst I just did my stuff and nobody knows what….a strangely disconcerting concept – maybe tomorrow will feel better.

Day 2

chess2Despite my best efforts, today was just ‘one of those days’ when I just had to login. My friend and neighbour, Shirley, passed away yesterday in France and I had to let people in the village know. For all it’s faults, Facebook is great for getting messages to people quickly. This was such a sad event, but I was comforted by her messages the previous week. I had re-homed her beloved cat for her, for which she was so grateful and I had agreed to scatter her ashes according to her wishes, she was then happy that everything was in place to allow her to pass peacefully. So that is what we must do, so having passed on the information I withdrew once again from Facebook.

DSCF5796Being away from the medium of Messenger meant I had to actually gather some stuff together to help out my friend who had not been feeling too great but was finally up for some company, so I walked across the village in the snow carrying a heater and a silicon gun. It was lovely, fresh falling snow, the silence you only get when it is actually snowing and that special tinge of light in the sky, a kind of pink that says…there is more on its way.

DSCF5814On my return I felt pumped, determined and decided it was time to stop being a wuss and brave the camper to remove the wasps nests. Of course they are all dead at this time of year but it didn’t stop my heart from beating at twice the normal rate during the operation of unscrewing vent covers to pick out the nests, bag them and remove them from site…but I did it so this is ‘Tick 7’.

Day 3

DSCF5830So  many nice snow pictures and I can’t  do anything with them, I guess it is time to mention I dropped my smartphone down the toilet so I don’t even have any instagram…aggghhh…the urge to tell everyone about it is immense, but why, does anyone even care…are my pictures any better than anyone elses? Of course not, they are better to me because they show my life, my village, my dogs, my views and I’ve already seen them so why such a desire to share them? I can’t answer this but I do know that making these notes helped to stiffen my resolve.

DSCF5826It also helped that due to very low temperatures last night our water pipes froze (I forgot to leave the tap dripping DSCF5827overnight) and so I never really noticed the lack of Facebook as we were too busy defrosting snow in the kettle, hanging up a bottle of spring water to de-ice because we’d left it in the car, stocking up the wood piles and topping up fresh bottles from the spring.

DSCF5835This may seem like lots of hard work but it was a gorgeous day – beautiful scenery and we got dragged in by our neighbours for food and beer…my face was still glowing hours later as their house was so hot.

Then it was off to visit my Russian neighbours before they departed on holiday….how did I ever have time for Facebook LOL (that LOL was deliberate by the way…just to show  I miss it just a little).

Got some more stuff done that was long overdue – logged all future booked work in the van and sorted out my password list. I felt much more in control …oh and ‘Tick 8’ today as the picture finally went up in the lounge.

Day 4

IMG_20170109_111948Sitting for three hours in a freezing office to try and resolve some classroom issues with technical support (based in Thailand so considerably more comfortable) tends to take your mind off social media…currently -15C outside and not many degrees warmer in the office space.

Cold water has finally come back as Dan spent about the same amount of time with a heat gun on the pipes in our small bathroom…still no hot water yet so I still smell…and somehow I managed to trap a nerve in my shoulder whilst sleeping, so took some time out to sit and watch some crap TV – and organize these notes. We are now watching Designated Survivor and so far so good.

I had a lesson with a regular student early this evening so I lit the fire up there so I didn’t suffer for another hour.  My desire for a bath right now far outweighs my desire to log on to Facebook…it is all about priorities.

Day 5

What should have been a nice day in Vt with my long suffering friend turned into me being held hostage in Technomarket (the Bulgarian equivalent to Curries) for nearly an hour while they decided whether to give me a refund on a set of headphones I had purchased. Eventually I got a considered and ‘polite’ decision of ‘voucher or nothing’…I took the voucher and then proceeded to just miss my friend in every shop we went to, until it was time to come home.

I do now have a new phone though, so lets see how long I can keep this one alive.

DSCF5836We still have no hot water, yet temperatures have been well above freezing today with bags of sunshine and melting snow, frustrating!

Dan has changed the diff on his BMW back to the welded variety and I have acquired a new clutch for Brian (my lada) so at some point I may well be mobile again.

Friday the 13th pfft…

Day 6

DSCF5829I had an early night last night to try and be fresh for today’s teaching…however my hot water had other ideas. At 4am the bath suddenly spurted into life as I’d left the tap open in a desperate bid to try and convince it to give me some water…then of course my ‘worry-brain’ kicked in and I had to throw on a sexy pair of wellies and a coat and check out the other taps downstairs just in case we had left these running too….we hadn’t, but that was the end of sleep for me so lit the fires and got myself a coffee and made some notes in preparation for today’s lessons.

I got two pieces of good news today, I got a Christmas card from my best friend in the UK who plainly needs to organise herself a bit better and my sister finally got connected to Whatsapp – this will change my life. Currently I ring her weekly standing up the hill in all weathers as we don’t have signal at home and she was still living in 1976. Now I can call her and stay warm….the best present yet.

This ironically got  me thinking about a post I saw on Facebook a little while ago, in the run up to the new year, where the suggestion was to take a jar and put a note in of any good things that happen. Then at the end of the year, no matter how hard it has been, you can empty the jar and remember the good times.

So I took a note of all the good things that happened this week and got to 11 before I stopped noting them down…I think I’m going to need a bigger jar…unless that is we can remove one every time something goes a little awry….it turns out the microphone on my new phone doesn’t want to work in Whatsapp so it looks like I’ll be back to freezing my extremities off in the snow. I will try again tomorrow.

Day 7

hoorayRight this is my final day away from Facebook and to be honest the weekends are not usually such an issue as I work anyway and only rarely would  have time to check in ….today I won’t be checking in, but I am strangely excited about getting back out into the cyber world of my friends and acquaintances across the globe, but also there is a weird sense of dread. Not because of what I have missed as I’m sure I’ll soon catch up on that, but of what people will think of me.

Do they think I have been rude for not responding to their messages, has anyone ‘unfriended’ me, or spoken ill of me, well I guess only time will tell and as I sit here in the real world I am unaware of any of these things, they are not affecting my life now, so why should they be allowed to influence my life once I return to Facebook.

Maybe I will be pleasantly surprised.
Maybe ignorance is bliss.
Maybe I will care slightly less.