Well what can I tell you about us….we are a couple (Jane & Dan) that were living in the UK, but over a period of around five years had been planning our escape. We were not running away from anything but more running towards something… a new life, a more simple life, a more fulfilling life. I spent my childhood in the country and pretty much all of my working life in the city craving for my life back in the country! My partner is younger than me by some margin so he has not had the chance to become as cynical as me about life in the UK…but he came with me anyway bless him, hopefully now he understands why I was so excited about this. I have used the word ‘life’ a lot in the above paragraphs and that is quite significant. In my opinion life is for living and having lost my mother at a very early age (she was 48) I pledged that if I was still alive at 48 that I would start living … really living! I was 48 in January 2014 and on March 31st (a couple of months late granted) we left the UK to start living the ‘simple’ life in Bulgaria.

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