After everything that has happened you may be asking yourselves why the hell do we want to go back to the country that has vandalised our property and stolen from us…. well the answer is simple! There are good and bad wherever you go (the UK is no exception), but what we have found in Bulgaria is a kindness and a welcome from people that have very little but are content with their lot.

Take our first house, when we arrived our garden was overgrown, we had no tools, we didn’t speak the language… yet in walked Nidelka.

NidelkaThis wonderful angel from next door, not only carrying tools but armed and ready to use them. Together we cleared the garden and had the cleanest outside loo that every existed and with a great view too.toilet



This lady enlisted help from others in the village and soon we had a wonderful front garden, our grape vines were all tied up with ribbon ready for the summer and we learnt all about the medicinal properties of the various plants hidden in our hedgerows.



Not only were they welcoming and made us feel completely at home – but because we had very little with us and were essentially ‘camping’ in our own home for a couple of weeks, the group of ladies that had welcomed us also made us a little table and chairs, all hand covered and delivered with a plate full of cakes.



It was humbling to sit on hand made furniture, sharing cakes and lemonade in the sunshine with new found friends that we couldn’t even talk to. We may not have spoken the same language but we sure as hell didn’t need to, to understand friendship!



How could we turn our back on a country that had made us this welcome.

How could we turn our back on a country where you can buy a house, land and a view for the price of a second hand car in the UK.


How could we turn our back on a country where there are fresh water springs on every corner, where sustainable living is the norm (we could learn a lot from these guys), where the barter system is still alive and kicking, where there are stunning places to visit within a couple of miles of wherever you choose to locate.

Where this grows wild in the ‘streets’ 🙂 (PS: it is only hemp)

Look out Bulgaria … here we come!

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