IMG_20141215_174855Not that you would know it – the sun is shining, the skies are blue and temperatures are around 19-20C … I have to admit it is strange as in October as you know we had about a foot of snow.

IMG_20141215_174938Christmas here is rather understated and that is what is so wonderful about it – there was a small xmas market in Veliko Tarnovo, which we visited and there were lights across the town, but the shops aren’t heaving and people aren’t shaking collection tins in your face and there isn’t even a hint of Slade or Wizard blaring out of the stores.

DSCF2771We have exchanged xmas cards with our closest neighbours and one old lady brought me a little present (so sweet)…I couldn’t have a nicer community to live in.

IMG_20141215_175009That also includes the ex-pats here – we have three Russians in the village, a part time Scotswoman and another English lady and we are all invited for Christmas dinner together…so we are breaking with our tradition of drawing the curtains and shutting ourselves away for the day and attempting to be sociable…I’m actually really looking forward to it – plus Helena is a brilliant cook!!

We also took part in a Secret Santa in the village so will exchange these gifts on the day too…all in all so far this is shaping up to be the best xmas ever.

xmas2I hope wherever you are you get to relax, smile and fill your belly. Have a very Happy Christmas and see you in 2015!!

JD x

PS if you go over to my facebook page at you will get to see my first video of the outside of our house (while it is still a mess) – enjoy!

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