The mysteries of Bulgaria continue to flummox us the deeper we delve…or rather the longer we stay here the more we learn and the more we love it (despite itself)!

sittingWhy the strange title you may think, well its a long story, but I’ll keep it brief. I had been having trouble sleeping, like someone was sitting on my chest (and no it wasn’t Dan or any of the animals) or as if I had really bad indigestion. This went on for several days and despite the instinct (when it comes to the dogs) to google the symptoms, I decided I would be more sane if I just listened to my body and gave it time.

ambulanceThen sat on the steps outside I suddenly lost all feeling in my last two fingers on my right hand and that raised a flag in my mind so politely asked Dan if he could run me to hospital. Well politely might not have come into it…and run might have been more like – drive like a mad man in the ice while I try to keep calm in the passenger seat (note to self, an ambulance may be slower but in the long run….)

'Hey, Lori! Take a look at Mr. Geckler's EKG!'Anyway A&E here should be renamed A&WSCBA (When Someone Can Be A****) and queuing is not a word that is recognised in any language – so I pushed to the front (as you do … no you really do, its almost a sin not to) and once in the room they stripped me half naked, attached me to an ECG machine…whilst half of Bulgaria wandered through getting routine medical advice and a good look at my boobs!

They took my blood pressure, my pulse, listened to my breathing then gave me an injection in my butt and one in my arm… what these were is anyone’s guess as none of the 4 people in the room (or the passing visitors) spoke a word of English, but as I am still here I’m guessing they were more for show than actual function.

eeyoreI also walked away with a prescription – which it turns out were anti-psychotic / anti-depressants… if anyone had seen me when I discovered this, please note the tears were laughter… I am probably the happiest I have ever been in my life, no not everything is perfect, but then that would be boring, but I’m certainly not depressed…psychotic on the other hand Dan thought they may have a point, so I now have a drawer full of happy pills – enough to keep even Eeyore smiling.

Which is why I come to the title of my waffles – I had an occasion to actually take one of these pills more out of curiosity than anything and what a day that was! As you know we have a new member of the family called Shelby and he’s a puppy, but up until this day he had been a pretty good, cheeky, mischievous little soul – this day he turned into the devil incarnate.

DSCF2765He ripped the curtain of its brackets and into shreds, he chewed my dustpan and brush, tipped his water bucket over and threw the now nearly empty bucket around the kitchen, removed the handle from a new pot of paint, removed and hid all the tops of the solar lamps in the garden, ripped the zip off two of our coats, chewed Dan’s crocs until they were no longer recognisable and chased the cat, knocking a glass off the outside sink which duly shattered on impact.

How much destruction can one dog do in a day…well you have your answer and I’m sure I’ve forgotten some bits…all I can say is he was lucky I had happy pills and equally lucky that they work!

Until next time…

JD x

PS: The ECG was clear, BP normal…just a chest infection I’m guessing as it has now cleared one week on 🙂


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