500As most of you are aware, I’m on a very steep learning curve out here in Bulgaria, trying to master the language, the culture and learn about growing my own food and keeping my own chickens…this along with renovating our small farmhouse and looking after my three dogs and the little stray cat that adopted us.

All this means doing an awful lot of reading, which I don’t object to at all … in fact sat with a cup of coffee in front of the fire, it is probably one of my favourite pastimes, but there is sooo much information out there and much of it contradicts one article to the next.

chickSo when I came across this little gem “Chicken Hot Topics” by Jessica Lane, I was not only delighted but also a little relieved that I was not the only one that had been through this sifting process of information thingy and also grateful that she had decided to put pen to paper about what she had found.

It is not a great tome of a book, I guess I read it in about a couple of sittings, but it is one that you could have there up on your shelf and dip into as and when you feel the need…which for me (especially in the early days) will be frequent. It is well written, simple to comprehend and whilst it doesn’t cover every aspect that could possibly occur (or we would be here all day) it addresses the main issues and points you in the right direction to investigate each subject in more detail should you so wish.

chickcartoonBeing someone that enjoys humour, in both my writing and in others, I was particularly drawn to the snippets at the end of each chapter called Fun Farmer Facts and Husbandry Hints, my head is full of useless information and these added beautifully to it … I was just a little disappointed more wasn’t made of this feature with maybe an illustrated cartoon or two (but that is just a personal thing).

As a complete beginner it was refreshing to find all my concerns, plus some I hadn’t even thought of yet, addressed in one place, giving me ideas for coop design and even for the type of plants I would include around it…herbals for chickens who’d have thunk it 🙂

chickensMy own chickens arrive in May / June this year, I have chosen Brahmas as they are both good for egg production and for meat and they are being bred for me by my friend in the next village so I’ve even met their parents! I am sure they will be equally grateful to Jessica for pulling all of this info together as I am.

If you too would like to benefit from her knowledge – you can get your copy here – light the fire, shut out the weather and enjoy.

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