They say that, ‘Necessity is…’ and that is where I found myself…and so I had to become a little inventive!

My new (temp) hot water system for the outside sink

It is not original, in fact it is done all over the country and many depend on similar set-ups for hot water supply, however what I am quite pleased with is that in the, now aptly named, Box Room from Hell, we already had most of this set up. All except for the little brass tap in fact, I am not sure why I am surprised by this as there is not a lot that is not in that room somewhere…but finding what you want at any given moment can be somewhat demotivating!


In the balance…

The black tank we have used is part of a Finnish wood-burning sauna system that we brought here…for obvious reasons but haven’t yet had time to put it to use in the way that it was intended…but it is perfect for this temporary hot water solution.

So now you would think that with all this set up and ready, we could demolish the current sink and get on with locating the water source so we can move it…oh no, life here is seldom that simple. Despite being 23C and bright sunshine last week, this week the temperatures have dropped back below zero and we have snow, lots of snow.

The pin from my friend Sam at Hoof & Saddle Bulgaria

There is a tradition in Bulgaria that I have mentioned before where on the 1st March friends and neighbours exchange red and white bracelets and pins, which you must wear until you see your first stork or get your first blossom on your trees. March is always a changeable month but at this rate I’ll still be wearing mine in June!

Left to right – Kia, Cooper, Shelby and Bo

It seems that next week we will be back up to 18-20C so I will make another little video to show you the next steps in my project. Until then I’m sitting next to the log burner, listening to music and cuddling dogs…my guilty pleasure at the minute is Justin Timberlake (please don’t judge me) …

Join me:

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