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These two books are a must have for anyone that enjoys food… isn’t that all of us?

Home Sweet Bulgaria

The first book is written by my good friend and personal chef at my upcoming retreat, Kristina Wills. If you want to know more about Kristina check out this article… then buy the book!

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Home Sweet Bulgaria is a personally written and photographed book of vegetarian recipes inspired by life in Bulgaria and the wonderful produce available here.

Simply written, beautifully designed with recipes that are easy to follow for cooks of all skills to enjoy creating.

The 34 Symptoms of Menopause – Symptoms & Solutions

The second was a collaboration between Kristina and myself and is available FREE.

If you are female and of a certain age, where menopause is a daily thought, then this book is for you.

34 Symptoms – 34 Recipes – Natural Solutions to a Natural Stage of Life

Oh and some funny personal stories from the two of us….

It’s FREE – grab your copy

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