I sometimes think that I can do everything and I’m having to learn that I just can’t. Not because I am not capable, but there are only so many hours in a day.

When I’m trying to work full time, fully renovate a property, keep our current house going, promote events, look after 4 dogs, chickens and bees and create a garden capable of feeding my guests, something has to give.

Tomorrow is the 1st of March which here in Bulgaria is called Baba Marta (Grandmother March), so I thought it appropriate to introduce you to my very own Baba Marta.

Meet Dimitrina!

Dimitrina is both a friend and a neighbour.

She is above all a family woman and her daughters, her son and all her grandchildren live in and around the village.

All of the villagers here have made us feel so welcome since moving here, 7 years ago, and this family have given us so much more than we could ever have anticipated.

The main thing that Dimitrina is known for though is her gardening skill. She helps to keep the village looking good for the mayor and to tend gardens (both flower and vegetable) for others living here.

As all food will be from the garden for the retreat, it is kind of important that we get this right and although I’m an enthusiastic, amateur gardener, failure is not an option.

I guess what I’m saying is I have just become gentry and have my own gardener – pretentious, moi!?

What Dimitrina doesn’t know about growing vegetables and tending flowers is just not worth knowing.

She will be key to the success of the retreat and we literally couldn’t do it without her.

Welcome to the team lovely lady!

The Team so Far

Kristina – Chef and all round fabulous lady – read about her here

Katie – Yoga, Reiki and belly dancer extraordinaire – read about her here

Dimitrina – Making the garden flourish ensuring fresh produce for our table.

I am anticipating adding to this group of wonderful women as the weeks go by so stay tuned.

Join me:

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