“I want a house in France” – this had been my mantra for many years, but I never seemed to have enough money to make it happen…it felt like the French were deliberately moving house prices just out of my reach on purpose, I can almost hear them saying “L’ordinateur dit NON” 🙂

During one of my many internet house searches I drifted a little outside of France and found myself in Sicily (virtually you understand) and stumbled on a wonderful little mountain village called Cianciana and bought a house there, since this day I have never looked back!

I now own this house and four houses in Bulgaria…FOUR I hear you say, well yes this was not my intention, it just kind of happened and I guess it is a lesson to those thinking of buying abroad. Curb your enthusiasm, visit the country first and research your area before you buy.

I have no regrets I love all of my four houses and the villages where they are, but one is just that little more suitable for my plans than the others, so that is where we are moving to….in April 2014.

I want the simple life and it has taken nearly five years planning to finally see that light glinting at the end of the tunnel…and you wondered why I called this blog ‘turning simple difficult’ – all will be revealed.

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