It has been a week of learning and achieving this week, which has been quite satisfying.

Dog pen in temporary position under the cherry tree
Dog pen in temporary position under the cherry tree

Kia has learnt that teaching the puppy how to play fight is leaving her with very little advantage over the little bugger and it won’t be long before she has to show him who’s boss properly. The pen has finally gone up in a temporary position, which they seem quite happy about… for now!

Hooch has finally learnt that if when asked for his paw he stands on the injured one and gives you the good one that you will be unlikely to believe him when he gives you sad eyes and holds it limply in the air for a sympathy vote… we think he is finally mended and took his final two stitches out this morning.

Pipe that we can't use!
Pipe that we can’t use!

Dan has learnt that not all pipes lead to Rome and that digging for hours in the rain to trace a pipe down the back of our barn to the outside of our property, in all probability means that it runs directly into the river…apart from that now being illegal in our village and all villagers having signed an ‘Act’ to not send waste water into the river, it is also plainly disgusting!! So a septic tank will need to be built after all…meaning I have also learnt that the word ‘budget’ does not exist in the Bulgarian dictionary.

DSCF2156I also learnt that just because your bum fits in the kayak on dry land, getting out of it on water is not quite so simple…however I faired pretty well up and down our river for the first time in many many years…I’d forgotten how much fun it is and we have our first trial couple coming to have a go as soon as the weather picks up.


Talking of weather we had three days of continuous rain and thunderstorms so loud that we had to have the volume at 100 in the camper to be able to hear the tv. This also means that our lovely clean, clear river that we live next to turned into a raging muddy mess!

Dan, Paul & Jan
Dan, Paul & Jan

In terms of achievements we went out for our postponed dinner with Paul and Jan – great company, lovely food and more importantly we got to have a bath beforehand…YAY


DSCF2146The mini has arrived and fired up first time so must like this climate, work has nearly finished on the downstairs bathroom roof, we have a quote for the windows, which is only slightly over estimate. All in all productive and fun week.

DSCF2153This week we start work (with help from Ashim) rebuilding the barn wall… it could be a long week 🙂

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