Mia isn't she just scrumptious
Mia isn’t she just scrumptious

For the first time in a long time we have said ‘au revoir’ to our builders and will have the next couple of weeks to ourselves. This does not mean things stop, on the contrary it actual means we will be working harder, however we took advantage of the lull in other people’s activity to take a day off ourselves on Sunday and visit Kia’s family.

Ava the lovely Mum
Ava the lovely Mum

They live over the other side of the country but it was a nice day and it meant we got away from the house for a little. Both of Kia’s parents (Ava and Rambo) and her sister (Mia) live together and we absolutely love seeing them and of course the humans they have as pets are not bad either! We went early in the morning so we could be back in plenty of time for our dogs, but as ever got gassing and didn’t end up back home till about 5pm…I wish we lived closer.

Bees nest with 3 layers of honeycomb YUK
Bees nest with 3 layers of honeycomb YUK

So back to work on Monday…it’s like I never left!! We removed the ceilings from the downstairs corridor, the upstairs corridor, the main bedroom and bathroom – finding a large bees nest and a couple of wasps nests in the process – luckily all uninhabited…problem was a shed load of ants that emerged from the downstairs ceiling uuuggghhh I hate ants, little critters are way too clever – they are gone now though so maybe not that clever.

Not sure if you can picture this but upstairs as you go through the main door there is a room to the left (which will be our bedroom), a room to the right (which will be our main bathroom) a corridor down the middle and a small room to the back of the bathroom…we decided to link these two rooms by knocking a hole in the wall. Well we spent the first couple of hours arguing about the wood for the lintel until we settled on a piece (that quietly I think I suggested in the first place but shhhh).

9. DestructionDanDan set about creating the hole – destruction Dan in action….and what did we find, a ready made door frame with thick log beams, all we had to do was raise the lintel as we will be putting in a false floor frame to take the floorboards and to strengthen beneath the 10. doorwaybath…job done. That got us to thinking and we have now exposed the same log door frames around all the other doors upstairs and I think there is a fireplace surround lurking in there somewhere too…

I love this house more and more each day and despite the fact that we have now given ourselves more work, I can see the end result in sight. Roll up the sleeves and get stuck in – tomorrow we go to buy the wood for the frames and boards, then once the frame is down we can start laying the pipes for the central heating (with a little under floor action going on I feel).

Until next time….

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