resolutionsWell the new year is here – it tends to do that to us about the same time every year…and every year we resolve to:-


1) Lose Weight
2) Save Money
3) Eat Healthier
4) Give up Smoking
5) Give up Alcohol

How many of us actually do what we say we’re going to do and how many of us just jump on the wagon with everyone else, not even sure if it is right for us…well I’ve challenged tradition this year!!

alcoholThere’s a good reason for that – I’ve already dropped two dress sizes just renovating the house, I’ve moved out to Bulgaria so I can save some money (that’s working to a point), I gave up smoking six years ago and have absolutely no intention of giving up alcohol, that would just make me even more unbearable to live with than I am now!

So this year my resolutions are more like goals:-

1) Plan and  plant my garden
2) Buy Chickens
3) Eat only my own vegetables for the year
4) Share the ups and downs with you guys

Its number three I’m worried about – we could be on a chicken and egg diet by June…but then again anyone that has watched my first video of the garden will know I have a fair few hurdles to climb just to get passed number one.

g2tI’m going to be stepping out of my comfort zone too as I launch my new website Garden2Plate where you can follow my progress, offer advice (I’m going to need plenty) and share your recipe ideas for what I dig up out of my field. There will be lots of videos and hopefully lots of interaction and laughter along the way.

I ticked a lot of boxes in 2014, which is going to make it hard to beat, but I’m a girl who likes a challenge…so Happy New Year everybody…bring it on!  🙂

Join me:

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