My outdoor office under the apple tree

I love writing about our adventures, but why do it if there’s nothing to tell, or if I seem to be just duplicating everything I’ve already put on Instagram or the Facebook page…I don’t want to start boring you guys senseless….

Yeah I know not all of you follow my social media journeys…why, I don’t know, because I am a photographic genius!!

This may be a slight exaggeration, or even a downright lie, but you are missing some cracking adventures…usually me hurting myself or just making a fool out of myself and putting  my injured pride out there on show for all to see.

In fact since I last wrote I have done a ton of things, from painting silly pictures – this one here is going up for auction in the UK to raise money for rescue dogs out here! I’ve kept running (mostly just to have some quiet time) and have made it to 5kms which is pretty amazing for me. I’ve been on a spa day with my author friend (have you read Zatvor yet…?) I’ve saved an abandoned puppy (with more than a little help from my friend Sam). I have been to see classic cars, planes and motorbikes, given myself a black eye while working on the kitchen, bought, planted and grown lots of new plants for the garden…so you see what you’ve been missing!

This week, however, I have some news to tell you that I have not yet shared on social media…I have a new job!

With a new kitchen to build, a garden to tend, a house to keep, a business to run, teaching to do…I thought, I’m just not busy enough…

My new title is OBM/Project Ninja and I work for the Chief Dragon Slayer…I promise you it’s true.

I have landed myself a full-time job that needs to be done on part-time hours, working for the coolest guy in marketing. I know little about marketing, but then again I knew even less about Aerospace Engineering so I’m settling into the groove pretty well…that was until last week…

Anyone familiar with marketing will know that the top guys check AdBeat and the like to see what’s “rockin'” and what’s not in terms of Headlines, Images etc… Well I’m not going to go into detail but the headline was along the lines of

“This Set Of People Are Getting Help From Virginia Stimulus”

Now take away the knowledge that in this sentence “Virginia” is a US State and you can imagine how the conversation went…needless to say this is how my porn star name was born!

So having given my new American colleagues a good giggle, I am now focusing on life in the ‘real’ world and doing my best not to demolish half the house while removing a supporting wall to open up my new kitchen.

We have supports in place and the new beam ready to go…now we just need to pluck up the courage to take out the first brick.

Dan is being Mr Cautious with lots of ‘what-if’ statements, followed by words such as ‘collapse’, ‘bow’, ‘sag’ etc whilst I am being much more positive (or reckless depending on how you look at things) and saying ‘what’s the worst that can happen, let’s just go for it’.

Saturday is the big day, one way or another, we will either have a nice big open room, with a beautiful beam spanning the two spaces or we will have a pile of rubble to move so we can build a nice big open room. Either way I’ll get my new kitchen, just one method may take a little longer than the other.

So this video could be my last, check it out and see where we’ve got to…while I go out and see how much damage the dogs have done to the garden while I have not been paying attention.

Join me:

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