My most recent challenge was to edit an author’s first fictional novel, an 80,000 word manuscript. It was an incredible story so not really like working at all and had a very successful outcome. The book is now published on Amazon throughout the world and I have no doubt will do amazingly.

This is what the author had to say about my work:

Jane quickly and expertly proofread all the chapters, amended my grammatical and punctuation errors and guided me professionally through everything. We did it all online and Jane was fast and efficient at responding to my every question. It didn’t seem a chore any more with her help, I felt more confident immediately with her skilled and knowledgeable assistance.

Jane uploaded my manuscript onto Amazon for me, formatted the script, designed the layout and chose the fonts and so, together we published my first novel, Zatvor. I am very proud of it and immensely grateful for her professional help and friendship. I certainly couldn’t have done it without her. Pippen Smith

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