Corporate promotional articles (capability management) – Web Content – seo keyword research, content editing

Aim: To rewrite and proofread articles for submission to corporate entity operating out of Australia
Task: To take the company brief and review it against the article written to ensure that:
  • All requisite key words were prominent and sufficiently frequent and the aim of the article was met
  • The tone and feel was appropriate for the intended audience and the grammar, punctuation and spelling was accurate


Transcription (podcast submissions) – Article & Blog Writing  – transcription, article writing, social media management, blog writing
Aim: To support a new business in freeing up the entrepreneur’s time to focus on procuring new clients.
Task: To help her to focus on growing the business and recruiting full time staff to propel her business to the next level by:
  • Taking podcast audio and converting into an engaging blog post
  • Maintaining the tone and intent of the podcast without direct transcription
  • Selecting specific audio clips (with timings) for teasers and video clips and selecting direct quotes to accompany images
  • Creating posts for the clients social media, to include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin
  • Meeting tight deadlines and being adaptable to each client’s needs and subject matter

Article writing (Nutrition) – Article & Blog Writing – nutrition, research, blog writing, writing, creative writing

Magic Magnesium – Article written for a website promoting nutrition to help with the symptoms of menopause. The client loved the article and I wrote several more for the same lady. (Small example from the article below)

The title is no accident, this wonderful mineral helps to regulate your body temperature, it facilitates the production of protein and it aids in lowering blood pressure. Amazing little thing isn’t it.

What does that mean for us? Well this is crucial to everyone, but especially to us menopausal women. Being deficient in magnesium can result in anxiety, nervousness, high blood pressure and fluctuating body temperatures. Getting it right can calm the nervous system, contribute to cardiovascular health and promote good sleep.

There are several symptoms right there so we think this is key to symptom management, we call it the ‘magic’ mineral.”

Article writing (Motorsport) – Race reports & press releases – ASCAR, LMES, LeMans 24 hr, motorsport, writing, PR

Working with Nicolas Minassian & Jarl Motorsport

Writing and distribution of race reports and press releases to raise driver and sponsor profiles including liaison with teams, drivers, sponsors and media sources to promote services.

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