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I was intending on being in the UK last week, to visit my Dad, who has amazingly made it home from hospital, but the weather made me think twice and eventually postpone my visit. Not because we had vast quantities of snow here, not because I live three hours from the airport and trains, buses and transport routes could be in chaos…

No I postponed my trip because the thought of getting to Birmingham and not being able to get out again, filled me with dread. Planes, trains and automobiles ran like clockwork here, whilst trains were being cancelled left, right and centre in the UK….before it had even snowed a flake.

Sitting outside and chilling the wine…

While the UK struggled to cope with the ‘Beast from the East’, we here in Bulgaria were going about our lives as normal and have now decided on an alternative name for the 50cms of snow and -21C temps that we experienced over the last few weeks…we have called it ‘winter’.

Yes we may have gone a couple of hours without water one morning as the pipes were frozen, but with a bit of help from a heat-gun and normality was resumed. I am hearing that 30,000 homes in the UK are still without water due to mains pipes freezing and bursting…at -10C … really UK?

I think if you want to ‘make Britain great again’ you may need to start picking your own fruit and veg and put the Eastern Europeans in charge of your utilities and transport strategies.


Rainwater catchment….?

We are now in full melt mode here, which means the river is super high and my winter wonderland has now resorted to a post winter apocalypse….if anyone dared to visit they would clearly see I am a mud farmer, I farm mud, not just outside, but inside too, it gets everywhere, but as usual I have turned this into a positive (because that is just how I roll).

Basically vast quantities of melting snow creates vast quantities of water and vast quantities of water creates vast quantities of mud…so take the water away and…oooh you get less mud. So I am now busy investigating ‘rainwater catchment systems’ and ‘hydropower’ to see how I can use the water and the weather to my advantage.

Watch this space…

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