You plan and plan and it all seems very…well…under control! You know what you’re doing, when you’re doing it, you have it organised down to the last detail – especially when, like me, planning is what you do for a living.

We were planning on buying a truck and doing two journey’s from the UK to BG with various stuff (or crap as most people see it), then out of the blue we got a call “can you fill half my truck” this week so I don’t make the journey half empty…well it would be rude not to in our position, so a radical re-plan was in order.

Mini1So we packed like we’d never packed before, filled my mini with as many boxes as we could (all three of them) and stacked the rest around it in the garage in preparation for the truck’s arrival, which of course was in the dark on the only day this winter that it has actually snowed.



Undeterred the mini was pushed onto the furniture truck and the boxes were stacked over it and around it, sofas, dining table, spare bed it all went in. Most of my friends reckon I have pushed this car further than I’ve driven it in the last few years and this was just another 1800 miles she was about to embark on – once again not under her own steam….I think they may have a point.


As Simon drove off into the blizzard we returned to the warmth of the house and quickly came to the realisation that we had nothing to sit on – yes I know I said I planned for a living … to be honest I have no idea how I’ve held down a sensible job for all these years!!

The point is this act of watching my mini and half our furniture leaving for our new home, suddenly made it all seem very very real… 🙂

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  • Jane Armstrong

    Safe journey. I know you wanted to spend your twilight years in the hands of a tentative teenager … To teach him the mechanics and the fine handling that will educate him in the joys of motoring as no other car could …. but it wasn’t to be! God speed ….. Xx

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